Couchdbkit version 0.1.7 released

Just released Couchdbkit 0.1.7.

Next version will be 0.2 and will have some new features :

  • Dump/Loads utilities
  • New view iterator system that would allow us to use less CPU
  • Aggregation : A way to combine multiple views in one
  • ReferenceProperty: Link documents between themselves
  • ...

Changes for this version are following:


  • documentation typos
  • database name encoding.
  • list are correctly handled in DictProperty

Breaking changes

I introduced a breaking change in latest version of couchdbkit. Now id and rev members of `schema.Document` aren’t alias to _id and _rev. It allows you to use id and rev like you want in CouchDB. It also means that you need to set yourdoc._id to set the id of a document. I made this change since it seems that a lot of you need it. So here it is.

Please test it and let me know if anything is wrong.

A little example :

 In [1]: from couchdbkit import *

In [2]: class A(Document): ...: pass ...: In [3]: a = A() In [4]: a._id = “myid” In [5]: = “idofapplication” In [6]: a._doc Out6: {’_id’: 'myid’, 'doc_type’: 'A’, 'id’: u’idofapplication’} In [7]: a._id Out7: 'myid’ In [8]: Out8: 'idofapplication’ In [9]: s = Server() In [10]: db = s['couchdbkit_test3’] In [11]: A._db = db In [12]: In [13]: a._doc Out13: {’_id’: u’myid’, '_rev’: u’1-676990679’, 'doc_type’: 'A’, 'id’: u’idofapplication’} In [14]: b = A.get('myid’) In [15]: Out15: u’idofapplication’ In [16]: b._id Out16: u’myid’
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