Couchdbkit version 0.1.8 released

New release for Couchdbkit.

You can download latest release on Pypi or check download page for other ways.

New features :

  • add ensure_full_commit method to client and allow options in save.
  • add `delete` method to `Document` object
  • add possibility to pass options to `save`, `get_or_create Document methods
  • add missing options to `Document.bulk_save()`

Fixes :

  • compatibility with python 2.5
  • iteritems is back in `DocumentSchema`
  • Fix LazyDict
  • docids with slashes are now properly encoded in all functions
  • Fix DocumentForm: make sure instance is passed in form.

Breaking changes

  • Accessing to document id in `Document`object is now done by using `_id` member. The same for revision (now `_rev`). It allows id and rev members. Since Django don’t like get_id() and get_rev() methods have been created to allow access to these properties in templates.
  • Accept `unicode` instead str in `StringListProperty`
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