Couchdbkit version 0.1.9 released

New release for Couchdbkit.

You can download latest release on Pypi or check download page for other ways.

New features :

  • Replacing py-restclient with restkit. It removes dependancy on httplib2 & pycurl and add streaming possibilities.
  • Streaming: POST and PUT requests are streamed, streaming attachments from CouchDB is possible (use stream argument in fetch_attachment function)
  • Use the best available json serialize/deserializer installed. If you don’t use python 2.6x or want to use a faster solution, you will need to install a json serializer. Supported json serializers are : cjson, jsonlib2, jsonlib, simplejson, and django.utils.json. To do that couchdbkit use anyjson module from the Carrot project.

Fixes :

  • removed httplib2 dependancy
  • Add support for custom keys in views results. Usefull for example with couchdb-lucene to get search time or other metadata.
  • Fix LazyList, make sure that if content_type is fixed in ListProperty we don’t convert types
  • Django extension : support of dynamic initial values
  • Django extension : Fields in form are now ordered
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