Couchdbkit version 0.2.2 released

New release for Couchdbkit. This release fix a lot of oddities from previous version.

You can download latest release on Pypi or check download page for other ways.

New features :

  • Depends on new restkit 0.8.4 witch improve error handling and performances.
  • Create a Database object from full url without passing dbname in `Database.from_uri` function Database.from_uri(“”)
  • Use of anyjson for serializing. It allows you to choose the json serializer you need. It also means that if you don’t use python 2.6 or above you will need to install one.
  • add support for update and filters functions in loader. (backport from couchapp)
  • Add simple replication handler in server object

Fixes :

  • Updated doc
  • Don’t reserver `type` property
  • Fix view results params
  • Remove malformed views when uploading with loaders
  • Make sure rev is updated afetr we delete an attachment
  • Make sure we don’t reencode urls
  • Some fixes in django extension
  • Make ListProperty & DictProperty lazy
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