Couchdbkit version 0.4 released

New release for Couchdbkit. More fixes and new `External` and _changes `Consumer`. The 0.4 branch is the last branch with suport for 0.9x / 0.10x versions of CouchDB. Next releases will support only 0.11/trunk and 1.0 versions and will support python3. The TODO has been updated.

You can download latest release on Pypi or check download page for other ways.

New features :

  • `External` module. This module allows you to create easily external handler for couchdb. There is a little tutorial about it. There is also in contrib an external allowing you to use wsgi applications as external handler. See example .
  • _changes Consumer. With this modules you can listen on db changes, simple changes call, longpolling and continuous changes are supported. See the doc about it.

Fixes :

  • iter in `Document schema` object has been fixed
  • `save_doc` method of a db instance can return full result . Useful to manage conflicts.
  • some typos fixed in doc
  • installation with distribute
  • db.flush refactored
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