Couchdbkit version 0.5 released

New release for Couchdbkit. Lot of change in this release. It’s now based on latest restkit 2.3.0 so make sure to upgrade it before upgrading.

What’s new ?

  • new `couchdbkit.designer` module. the `couchdbkit.loaders` module is now deprecated. Instead use push, pushapps, pushdocs & clone functions. They are all compatible with couchapp.
  • Use the Database instances to save Documents objects.

 import datetime

from couchdbkit import * s = Server() db = s[“mydb”] class Greeting(Document): author = StringProperty() content = StringProperty() date = DateTimeProperty() greet = Greeting( author=“Benoit”, content=“Welcome to couchdbkit world”, date=datetime.datetime.utcnow() ) db.save_doc(greet)
  • new pylons extension, thanks to Alfred Hall. Like django extension it will help you to use couchdbkit in pylons
  • Added gevent & eventlet consumers. The doc has been updated.
  • New SchemaDict property
  • Added oauth support via restkit
  • Lazy db loading in django extension
  • No more _raw_json function. For proxying use the CouchdbResource object.
  • breaking changes. We are now using simplejson instead of anyjson.
  • Simplejson give us better JSON serialization.
  • Fixed BooleanProperty
  • support for ISO-8601 DateTime format with a timezone offset

You can download latest release on Pypi or check download page for other ways.

You can find a summary of changes on github

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