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Module loaders

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Loaders are a simple way to manage design docs in your Python application. Loaders are compatible with couchapp script ( So it means that you can simply use couchdbkit as replacement for your python applications with advantages of couchdbkit client. Compatibility with couchapp means that you can also use macros to include javascript code or design doc members in your views, shows & lists.

Loaders are FileSystemDocsLoader and FileSystemDocLoader. The first one takes a directory and retrieve all design docs before sending them to CouchDB. Second allow you to send only one design doc.

This module is here for compatibility reason and will be removed in 0.6. It's replaced by couchdbkit.designer module and push* functions.

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Baseclass for all doc loaders.
Load docs from the filesystem.
Load only one design doc from a path on the filesystem.
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  __package__ = 'couchdbkit'