Storing design documents and views on the filesystem

Couchdbkit allows you to manage you design docs and docs on the file system.

A system will be provided to manage view creation and other things. As some noticed, this system works like couchapp.

couchdbkit textmate screen

Create a design document

Let’s create a folder that contains the design doc, and then the folder for the view. On unix :

 mkdir -p ~/Work/couchdbkit/example/_design/greeting/views/all

In this folder we edit a file `map.js`:

 function(doc) { 
   if (doc.doc_type == “Greeting”) 
    emit(doc._id, doc); 

Synchronize design documents on the database

Then we use `FileSystemDocsLoader` object to send the design document to CouchDB:

 from couchdbkit.loaders import FileSystemDocsLoader

loader = FileSystemDocsLoader(’/path/to/example/_design’) loader.sync(db, verbose=True)

The design doc is now in the `greetings` database and you can get all greets :

 greets = Greeting.view('greeting/all’)

You can automate this when you start your application. This what Friendpaste do by running python setup on first bootstrap.